About Us


sometimes find ourselves stuck on picking out the best gift to give our

loved ones, this indecision do leave us restless most times. This

reason is why we are here at Keinista to help you get through this

stress by satisfying your needs. We help you solve the problem of "what

to give" with our wide arrays of gift items that include prints,

posters, mugs, T-shirts amongst other things. The impact that giving out

a gift has on someone goes a long way, and we are here to help you

ensure that you select a suitable gift item for your loved one.

At Keinista,

we offer you a different variety of gifts you can present to your loved

ones on special occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, or any other

memorable event whatsoever needs to be commensurate with an ideal gift,

and our store provides you with just that. Like our slogan "Once upon a

gift, forever the love", we have top-quality gifts in the store that you

can gift your loved ones and in the process create an indelible mark in

their heart.

We pride ourselves on meeting and satisfying your needs by providing you

with quality products at a much affordable price. We aren't just a gift

store, we're one of the few gift stores that offer you products that

behoove its worth and quality. We deal in the sales of prints, posters,

mugs, T-shirts amongst other items.


offer our customers a refund or change of products provided there's a

defect in the item they got and we get the complaint within 14 days. In

such a scenario, customers must show proof of defect and send the goods

back within 15 days of purchase. This privilege isn't open to goods like

gift cards, downloadable software products, selected health and

personal care products amongst others.

At Keinista,

we also offer customized services. This implies that we help you design

and create a particular gift item in the way you want. Either you want a

certain picture out on it or you want it to contain a particular word,

we've got you covered. Our services are very affordable and

satisfactory, we ensure that the end product of our customizing meets

each of your requirements. Your own is just to select the item you want

and give details on how you want it customized; you'd see how we work

magic with the design and customization.


days, you need not bother any more about what to give your loved ones –

partners, kids, siblings, family etc. All you just have to do is get on

our store and you'd see diverse gift items to choose from. Imagine

getting your partner a T-shirt with his favorite movie character or

quotes on it? This would help make the relationship last longer.

Email: support@keinista.com